Do not change the name on the learning account without notifying us first. Doing so could result in no certificate being issued.

Terms of Use

Enrollment and Access to Training

  1. You have access to online courses for 1 year from the date of payment, with the exception of the Child Care Basics and Texas Pre-Service which are a 6-month enrollment period.
  2. For immediate access to courses at the time of payment, enroll at our sister site 
  3. When enrolling on our home page at, the information to access the online course will be sent to the email address provided during enrollment.   
  4. New enrollments are set-up during the following times: 
       Monday - Friday         7  am – 8  pm (PT) 
       Saturday & Sunday    8  am – 8  pm (PT)
       Holidays                      9  am – 8   pm (PT)
  5. Registrations that are submitted at after enrollment hours will be processed the next morning. You will receive an email with information to access the course.
  6. Check your email for instructions to start the training. Click on the link in the email to access the course. 

Technical Requirements and Support

  1. Internet access is required to complete our courses.
  2. Some students may find that they have to update their internet browser, this is most often the case when trying to use Internet Explorer. We recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for the best results. Our student support staff is happy to assist students with troubleshooting should you encounter technical issues and will provide common suggestions for solving problems that occur when normal browser maintenance or application updates need to occur. 

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. Cancellations and refunds requested within 72 hours after enrollment are available for courses/programs that have NOT been accessed. 
  2. Refunds are not available after 72 hours from the date of payment.
  3. Refunds are not available for courses/programs that have been accessed.
  4. Once the student has logged in to the course, a refund is no longer available.
  5. Refunds and cancellations WILL be charged a 20% cancellation fee.
  6. After 72 hours from the time of purchase, the payment credit can be transferred to a different training or to a new student if the training was not started by the original student for up to 30 days after enrollment.
  7. To try out a course before purchasing, click here for a *free course*.

State Training Approval

  1. Our courses may, or may not, meet annual training requirements in your state. Click here for state approval information. Provide us with your state, and any State registry ID number, and if we are able to record your completed training with your state, we will. In some cases, for annual state credit, you will need to submit the certificate to the appropriate registry, and they may or may not award annual credit. Providing a State Registry number to us does not guarantee that your state will approve the training for annual continuing education credit. Many states have QRIS systems that require specific courses to be completed for annual or in-service training. Do not enroll in this course for the purpose of completing a state specific mandated course without first verifying exactly what course requirements need to be met. 
  2. We make every effort to record completed training in state registries within 3 days of when a certificate is issued. However, in some cases, it may be up to 7 days. 

 Course Curriculum and Certificates

  1. Course curriculum is developed by Successful Solutions Training in Child Development Instructors
  2. This course is presented in English.
  3. Free preview of any course is available by registering for the course and clicking on the "Take a Look! Enroll Later" option
  4. Coursework is presented via a mobile friendly online training platform.
  5. There are no textbooks or materials to purchase, all course content is presented online. 
  6. Fully automated courses keep track of your progress and resume to right where you left off.
  7. Progress through the courses is monitored by instructors and support staff.
  8. The courses include online instructor interaction and feedback via discussion boards and assignments.
  9. The student forum/discussion board allows learners and instructors to connect and collaborate about early learning topics presented in the course.  
  10. We include a wealth of optional resource links for you to explore and further your knowledge about each topic.
  11. Certificates are provided by email upon successful completion of courses. Trainers will review coursework and send students feedback, as needed, regarding coursework and meeting learning outcomes.

The Washington Child Care Basics and Texas Pre-Service are a 6-month enrollment. 

For all other online courses, enrollment expires 1-year from date of purchase.

All courses are presented in English.